I’m Sorry 4 in 1


Top Left: SBS Inkigayo 130120
Top Right: KBS Music Bank 130118
Bottom Left: MBC Music Core 130119
Bottom Right: KBS Yoo Hee Yul’s Sketchbook 130126

Here’s a screen cap + eng translation of the little details Seohyun wrote next to her drawing. Although I tried my best to read all the words I could not figure out what she wrote on no4. By comparing both answers from seohyun and taeyeon I could guess what questions were asked. They are:

1. gender

2. age

3. what is he doing now

4. how is his life

5.what will he do next

6.what will he do in the future

7. relation (or who is he)

and this is what Taeyeon wrote:

110913 Strong Heart





KHD: Sunny-ssi, how many members are in SNSD?
Sunny: There are 9.
KHD: Among those 9, how many are in love?
Sunny: Huh?
KHD: Just asking… There are some members who are in love, right?
EunHyuk: He asked the same question to us, too.
SJ & Boom: We’re just asking…
Sunny: Oppa, you should help me with this then.
EunHyuk: How many are there?
Boom: We’re just asking..
Sunny: Well.. I wouldn’t say they’re in a relationship.. It could be like having a crush on someone…
Everyone: Yeah, yeah.. of course..
Sunny: Less than the majority of the members.
SeungKi: I bet Sunny-ssi is included in those members. That’s why she’s being so shy.
KHD: SeoHyun, who do you think will get married the first?
SeungKi: Will SNSD members ever get married?
KHD: Yeah, I’m 100% sure.
SeoHyun: Um.. HyoYeon-unni always says that she wants to get married soon but I heard that those people who wants to get married soon will end up getting married the latest… but yeah, she always wanted to get married first.
KHD: Who would be the 2nd to get married?
SeoHyun: Sunny-unni?
KHD: The 3rd?
SeoHyun: Jessica-unni?
KHD: I see those three members are in a relationship.
SeoHyun: No, that’s not ture.




[Hyun] in TGM 2009


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**Seohyun made a guest appearance in Taeyeon’s WGM in 2009

**Sunny(Sun), Jessica(Jes), Seohyun(SH), Taeyeon(TY), Hyungdon(HD)

Sun: The bride and the bridegroom will now enter.
HD: Why are you getting up?
TY: Why..
Sun: Why not?
HD: Aww.. you really..
TY: How come YOU’re linking arms with me, oppa?
HD: I actually like linking arms.
TY: Really?

Sun: Play the wedding march please~
TY: Do you want to do “two-steps”?
TY: What is this?
Sun: Okay, the bride and bridegroom have entered now.
HD: But wait, Miss MC.
Sun: Yes.
HD: Actually the officiant usually enters first.
Sun: Really?
SH: Unni, I told you.
Sun: Put the confetti back, then.
HD: She’s telling me to put confetti back just because the officiant hasn’t entered.
Sun: Okay, the officiant will be entering now.
Sun: Why don’t you make some sound effects?
Jes: Oh, right, I’m one of the guests.
HD: She is one of the guests?
Sun: She has a lot of roles to play.
HD: I thought she was a florist.
Sun: Oh, Yuri from SNSD is here as well.
HD: Oh, Hi. I didn’t have time to say hi earlier.

Sun: Now we will have Seohyun, the youngest from SNSD, to officiate this wedding.
(the youngest SIL)
[Officiant – Seohyun (19 yrs old)]
SH: Okay… I sincerely give my congratulations on your marriage.
Sun: She’s like an announcer.
TY: Thank you.
SH: First of all, I have a few favors to ask for our groom, JungHyungDon-goon.
Sun: She said JungHyungDon “goon”..

(** “-goon” is used after someone’s name usually when referring to a little boy or someone younger than you; “-yang” is for a girl)

SH: First, never pick up things using your toes.
SH: and to become a proud husband to your wife, please try to lose some weight.
HD: I’m sorry, Miss Officiant, but the MC’s swaying too much.
TY: Right!
SH: (continuing) Please lose some weight.
SH: and Taeyeon-unni will provide you with ‘healthy food’, not pork katsu, so please eat them without any questions.
HD: ‘Healthy food’ instead of pork katsu.. without any questions…?
SH: Yes.
Jes: Son, Be quiet.
HD: So now you’re my mother?
Sun: Multiple roles…
TY: Are you my mother-in-law?
SH: and treat KimTaeYeon-yang like a princess for the rest of your life.
HD: This is like a slavery.
Jes: Son!
HD: Yes, mother.

Sun: Now the bride and bridegroom will make a pledge.
SH: Bridegroom, JungHyunDon, will love the bride, KimTaeYeon, until your “black hair turns silver like the onion roots…
HD: You just spit on me. The officiant lady just spit on me.
HD: Did you see? Even a rainbow..
TY: Our maknae…
HD: What part of it was so funny? The “black hair” part?
Sun: Is It the “black” part or the “roots” part? Tell me, I’ll change it for you.
Sun: Is it just Oppa, who’s making it so funny?
SH: …will you treat her like a princess until your black hair turns silver like onion roots?
HD: Yes.
SH: KimTaeYeon-yang, will you understand your husband and be.. able.. to live… like that?
HD: Live… like that..? She won’t die!
SH: Please don’t talk back to me.
HD: I just can’t be quiet for this one though.
TY: Yes!
SH: So now I announce that the two of you are husband and wife.

SH: Does anyone have any objections?
[With the SIL’s watching…]
[The moment of becoming husband and wife…]
Jes: I object this marriage.
HD: What’s this, a drama?
Sun: Who are you, by the way?
Jes: I’m his ex-girl friend.
Sun: She’s too into playing roles…
TY: Even she herself thinks it’s ridiculous.
HD: Mother, I hope you’ll find out who you really are…