Yonghwa & Seohyun

blackroom interview screen caps from ep.1 to ep.51

용화 & 서현 1회부터 51회까지 검은방 인터뷰 모음

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YongSeo Fan Movie


“Memories of a Girl”

(Part1: MCs are congratulating Yonghwa for getting married)
Jang: You have to invite all of us to your housewarming party.
Park: Yeah that’s right.
Lee: Oh yeah.
Yoo: Just live here at the Eco House. You know the couch made from recyled pet bottles. It’s the house made from garbage(?).
Park: We can bring all these recycled ones to their house.
Lee: SNSD.. the girl we’ve dreamed of.. so you are getting married to her.. Just get married for real!
Myung: Are you jealous?
Lee: yes.
Myung: You’re 39 already. Grow up.
Lee: …. 

Designer: Yonghwa, can you introduce your product?
Yonghwa: It’s called the WaeTolee Stool.
[Increases comfort and safety with that 70 egg cartons]
[Very simple and eco-friendly]
[Tennis balls make it more cushy]
Yonghwa: Try to have a seat. It’s very cushy.
Myung: Oh this is nice. I should get one for my father.
Lee: But he didn’t put that much effort. (sits down) wait.. This is not good (meaning he actually thinks the stool is good so he’s worried since he has to come up with a better product).
Yonghwa: First of all, I put this bow because I wanted to take this to my new house.
Lee: So are you going to give that to Seohyun?
Yonghwa: If she doesn’t want it then I’ll just leave it here.
Myung: How much are you going to sell it?
Yonghwa: I’m not selling it. Okay I’m done with my presentation.



So in WGM, Ep.11, 13 & 14:

Cr. CaramelApple

Yonghwa & Seohyun Wedding part2

(용서커플 웨딩촬영 2번째/ Ep.47/ 03/05/2011)