Hyun’s drawing in Dangerous Boys ep3


Here’s a screen cap + eng translation of the little details Seohyun wrote next to her drawing. Although I tried my best to read all the words I could not figure out what she wrote on no4. By comparing both answers from seohyun and taeyeon I could guess what questions were asked. They are:

1. gender

2. age

3. what is he doing now

4. how is his life

5.what will he do next

6.what will he do in the future

7. relation (or who is he)

and this is what Taeyeon wrote:


3 Responses to “Hyun’s drawing in Dangerous Boys ep3”

  1. sally said

    thank you for translation
    wonder who is this man?

  2. R17 said

    YONGHWA! :3

  3. yonghwa said


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