110913 Strong Heart





KHD: Sunny-ssi, how many members are in SNSD?
Sunny: There are 9.
KHD: Among those 9, how many are in love?
Sunny: Huh?
KHD: Just asking… There are some members who are in love, right?
EunHyuk: He asked the same question to us, too.
SJ & Boom: We’re just asking…
Sunny: Oppa, you should help me with this then.
EunHyuk: How many are there?
Boom: We’re just asking..
Sunny: Well.. I wouldn’t say they’re in a relationship.. It could be like having a crush on someone…
Everyone: Yeah, yeah.. of course..
Sunny: Less than the majority of the members.
SeungKi: I bet Sunny-ssi is included in those members. That’s why she’s being so shy.
KHD: SeoHyun, who do you think will get married the first?
SeungKi: Will SNSD members ever get married?
KHD: Yeah, I’m 100% sure.
SeoHyun: Um.. HyoYeon-unni always says that she wants to get married soon but I heard that those people who wants to get married soon will end up getting married the latest… but yeah, she always wanted to get married first.
KHD: Who would be the 2nd to get married?
SeoHyun: Sunny-unni?
KHD: The 3rd?
SeoHyun: Jessica-unni?
KHD: I see those three members are in a relationship.
SeoHyun: No, that’s not ture.