[Hyun] in TGM 2009


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**Seohyun made a guest appearance in Taeyeon’s WGM in 2009

**Sunny(Sun), Jessica(Jes), Seohyun(SH), Taeyeon(TY), Hyungdon(HD)

Sun: The bride and the bridegroom will now enter.
HD: Why are you getting up?
TY: Why..
Sun: Why not?
HD: Aww.. you really..
TY: How come YOU’re linking arms with me, oppa?
HD: I actually like linking arms.
TY: Really?

Sun: Play the wedding march please~
TY: Do you want to do “two-steps”?
TY: What is this?
Sun: Okay, the bride and bridegroom have entered now.
HD: But wait, Miss MC.
Sun: Yes.
HD: Actually the officiant usually enters first.
Sun: Really?
SH: Unni, I told you.
Sun: Put the confetti back, then.
HD: She’s telling me to put confetti back just because the officiant hasn’t entered.
Sun: Okay, the officiant will be entering now.
Sun: Why don’t you make some sound effects?
Jes: Oh, right, I’m one of the guests.
HD: She is one of the guests?
Sun: She has a lot of roles to play.
HD: I thought she was a florist.
Sun: Oh, Yuri from SNSD is here as well.
HD: Oh, Hi. I didn’t have time to say hi earlier.

Sun: Now we will have Seohyun, the youngest from SNSD, to officiate this wedding.
(the youngest SIL)
[Officiant – Seohyun (19 yrs old)]
SH: Okay… I sincerely give my congratulations on your marriage.
Sun: She’s like an announcer.
TY: Thank you.
SH: First of all, I have a few favors to ask for our groom, JungHyungDon-goon.
Sun: She said JungHyungDon “goon”..

(** “-goon” is used after someone’s name usually when referring to a little boy or someone younger than you; “-yang” is for a girl)

SH: First, never pick up things using your toes.
SH: and to become a proud husband to your wife, please try to lose some weight.
HD: I’m sorry, Miss Officiant, but the MC’s swaying too much.
TY: Right!
SH: (continuing) Please lose some weight.
SH: and Taeyeon-unni will provide you with ‘healthy food’, not pork katsu, so please eat them without any questions.
HD: ‘Healthy food’ instead of pork katsu.. without any questions…?
SH: Yes.
Jes: Son, Be quiet.
HD: So now you’re my mother?
Sun: Multiple roles…
TY: Are you my mother-in-law?
SH: and treat KimTaeYeon-yang like a princess for the rest of your life.
HD: This is like a slavery.
Jes: Son!
HD: Yes, mother.

Sun: Now the bride and bridegroom will make a pledge.
SH: Bridegroom, JungHyunDon, will love the bride, KimTaeYeon, until your “black hair turns silver like the onion roots…
HD: You just spit on me. The officiant lady just spit on me.
HD: Did you see? Even a rainbow..
TY: Our maknae…
HD: What part of it was so funny? The “black hair” part?
Sun: Is It the “black” part or the “roots” part? Tell me, I’ll change it for you.
Sun: Is it just Oppa, who’s making it so funny?
SH: …will you treat her like a princess until your black hair turns silver like onion roots?
HD: Yes.
SH: KimTaeYeon-yang, will you understand your husband and be.. able.. to live… like that?
HD: Live… like that..? She won’t die!
SH: Please don’t talk back to me.
HD: I just can’t be quiet for this one though.
TY: Yes!
SH: So now I announce that the two of you are husband and wife.

SH: Does anyone have any objections?
[With the SIL’s watching…]
[The moment of becoming husband and wife…]
Jes: I object this marriage.
HD: What’s this, a drama?
Sun: Who are you, by the way?
Jes: I’m his ex-girl friend.
Sun: She’s too into playing roles…
TY: Even she herself thinks it’s ridiculous.
HD: Mother, I hope you’ll find out who you really are…



Yonghwa & Seohyun

blackroom interview screen caps from ep.1 to ep.51

용화 & 서현 1회부터 51회까지 검은방 인터뷰 모음

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Yonghwa & Seohyun Wedding part2

(용서커플 웨딩촬영 2번째/ Ep.47/ 03/05/2011)

나두 한국말쓰는 팬들하고 교류하고싶어!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

근데 다들 어디서  활동(?)하는지 모르겠다 으흐…

한국 팬들중에 여기 오는사람 혹시라도 있음 나도 좀 데리구가영..이히

YongSeo Wedding