Here’s a screen cap + eng translation of the little details Seohyun wrote next to her drawing. Although I tried my best to read all the words I could not figure out what she wrote on no4. By comparing both answers from seohyun and taeyeon I could guess what questions were asked. They are:

1. gender

2. age

3. what is he doing now

4. how is his life

5.what will he do next

6.what will he do in the future

7. relation (or who is he)

and this is what Taeyeon wrote:


[Hyun] in TGM 2009


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**Seohyun made a guest appearance in Taeyeon’s WGM in 2009

**Sunny(Sun), Jessica(Jes), Seohyun(SH), Taeyeon(TY), Hyungdon(HD)

Sun: The bride and the bridegroom will now enter.
HD: Why are you getting up?
TY: Why..
Sun: Why not?
HD: Aww.. you really..
TY: How come YOU’re linking arms with me, oppa?
HD: I actually like linking arms.
TY: Really?

Sun: Play the wedding march please~
TY: Do you want to do “two-steps”?
TY: What is this?
Sun: Okay, the bride and bridegroom have entered now.
HD: But wait, Miss MC.
Sun: Yes.
HD: Actually the officiant usually enters first.
Sun: Really?
SH: Unni, I told you.
Sun: Put the confetti back, then.
HD: She’s telling me to put confetti back just because the officiant hasn’t entered.
Sun: Okay, the officiant will be entering now.
Sun: Why don’t you make some sound effects?
Jes: Oh, right, I’m one of the guests.
HD: She is one of the guests?
Sun: She has a lot of roles to play.
HD: I thought she was a florist.
Sun: Oh, Yuri from SNSD is here as well.
HD: Oh, Hi. I didn’t have time to say hi earlier.

Sun: Now we will have Seohyun, the youngest from SNSD, to officiate this wedding.
(the youngest SIL)
[Officiant – Seohyun (19 yrs old)]
SH: Okay… I sincerely give my congratulations on your marriage.
Sun: She’s like an announcer.
TY: Thank you.
SH: First of all, I have a few favors to ask for our groom, JungHyungDon-goon.
Sun: She said JungHyungDon “goon”..

(** “-goon” is used after someone’s name usually when referring to a little boy or someone younger than you; “-yang” is for a girl)

SH: First, never pick up things using your toes.
SH: and to become a proud husband to your wife, please try to lose some weight.
HD: I’m sorry, Miss Officiant, but the MC’s swaying too much.
TY: Right!
SH: (continuing) Please lose some weight.
SH: and Taeyeon-unni will provide you with ‘healthy food’, not pork katsu, so please eat them without any questions.
HD: ‘Healthy food’ instead of pork katsu.. without any questions…?
SH: Yes.
Jes: Son, Be quiet.
HD: So now you’re my mother?
Sun: Multiple roles…
TY: Are you my mother-in-law?
SH: and treat KimTaeYeon-yang like a princess for the rest of your life.
HD: This is like a slavery.
Jes: Son!
HD: Yes, mother.

Sun: Now the bride and bridegroom will make a pledge.
SH: Bridegroom, JungHyunDon, will love the bride, KimTaeYeon, until your “black hair turns silver like the onion roots…
HD: You just spit on me. The officiant lady just spit on me.
HD: Did you see? Even a rainbow..
TY: Our maknae…
HD: What part of it was so funny? The “black hair” part?
Sun: Is It the “black” part or the “roots” part? Tell me, I’ll change it for you.
Sun: Is it just Oppa, who’s making it so funny?
SH: …will you treat her like a princess until your black hair turns silver like onion roots?
HD: Yes.
SH: KimTaeYeon-yang, will you understand your husband and be.. able.. to live… like that?
HD: Live… like that..? She won’t die!
SH: Please don’t talk back to me.
HD: I just can’t be quiet for this one though.
TY: Yes!
SH: So now I announce that the two of you are husband and wife.

SH: Does anyone have any objections?
[With the SIL’s watching…]
[The moment of becoming husband and wife…]
Jes: I object this marriage.
HD: What’s this, a drama?
Sun: Who are you, by the way?
Jes: I’m his ex-girl friend.
Sun: She’s too into playing roles…
TY: Even she herself thinks it’s ridiculous.
HD: Mother, I hope you’ll find out who you really are…

서현 효연 윤아 @ mcm 행사장


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1. 생년월일과 별자리 혈액형은?
1991년 6월 28일출생 게자리 A형
1. DOB, constellation and blood type?
June 28, 1991, Cancer, Type A

2. 좋아하는색은?
2. Favorite color?

3. 핑크에서 연상되는 이미지는 어떤것이 있나?
소녀시대 팬여러분의 이미지
3. Your impression of the color pink?
Images of SNSD’s Fans

4. 핑크를 자신에게 붙인다면 어떠한 식으로 입히고 싶은가?
구두나 백 액세서리등에 포인트를 넣고 싶다.
4. How would you wear pink?
I’d like to use pink to give some point on my shoes or bag accessories.

5. 여자라서 다행이다! 라고 생각하는 순간은?
어머니나 친구들과 사이좋게 쇼핑할때
5. When would be your  “I’m so glad I’m a girl” moment?
When I go shopping with my mom or friends.

6. 최근 외운 일본어중에 마음에 드는 말은?
만나뵙고 싶었습니다.
6. Any Japanese phrase you learned recently that you like the most?
“I’ve always wanted to meet you”

7. Private(평소)에는 어떤 패션을 좋아해?
슬림한 코트
7. What fashion style do you usually like?
A slim coat

8. 지금 제일 관심내지 신경쓰이는것은?
내 선택이 올바른지 어떤지에대해 생각을 많이 합니다.
8. What is it that you are most interested in now or any concerns?
I think alot about if I’m making a right decision.

9. 최근 마이붐(자신이 몰두하고 있는 일)은?
테일러스위프트와 켈리클락슨
9. Something that you are into right now?
Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson

10. 가수가 되어야겠다고 마음먹게된 계기는?
음악으로 많은 사람들에게 힘을 주는것은 행복한 일이구나 라고 생각, 가수가 되어야 겠다고 생각했습니다.
10. What made you want to become a singer?
I thought that giving hopes to many people through music is a true happiness so I wanted to become a singer.

From 서현 to 효연
효연언니는 재밌구, 굉장히~상냥한 사람. 제가 연하이기에 잘 챙겨주세요.
언제나 모두를 웃게 만들어주어요.
From Seohyun to Hyoyeon
Hyoyeon unnie is a funny and a very kind person. I’m younger than her so she always takes care of me. She always makes everyone laugh.

From 효연 to 서현
서현이는 오히려 막내인데도 굉장히 바르고 착실한 아이고, 뭐든 긍정적
제가 우울해하고 있을때도 밝게 격려해주고, 덕분에 적극적이고 긍정적으로 바뀌어요.
From Hyoyeon to Seohyun
Even though Seohyun is the youngest, she is very upright and honest, and has a positive mind. She cheers me up when I’m depressed.

translated by caramelapple

Cr: DC married, 원출처:팊갤-퍼플탱님, 후출처:게봄