Yonghwa-Onew-Seohyun moment


[Who is who(from left to right): Jang, Yoon, Shin, Jungshin, Yonghwa, Onew, Ghil]

Shin: Onew was born in 1989.
Onew: Yes.
Shin: Yonghwa was also born in 1989 so you guys are same-age friends. Even though Onew debuted first, it’s not so easy to meet a same-age friend.
Yoon: You know our show is also known as to-make-a-friend show. Daesung and Onew became friends as well.
Ghil: So you guys stop speaking formally and talk freely.
Onew: (still speaking formally) Just relax and please enjoy your time with us.
Shin: No no why so formal? do just like how you treat your close friend.
Onew: (suddenly dropping honorifics-awkward) so yeah just relax and enjoy…
Yonghwa: … ??
Onew: Every time I drop the honorifics (to someone I just met) I become all sweaty.
Shin: But still.. (to Yonghwa) talk to Onew as if you were talking to a close friend.
Yonghwa: Uh.. Onew-ya.. uh…
Yoon: It’s like looking at two foreigners talking to each other. What is this?
Yonghwa: Let’s be friends from now on.
Onew: Okay, let’s be friends, and you have to be good to Seohyunnie.
Yonghwa: Yes I will.
Onew: She’s like the younger sister to all the people in the nation.
Jang: Usually when people hear these things they would not listen and punch them in the face.
Yoon: (acting out the situation) “Who do think you are?”
Shin: “So you’re Seohyun’s husband or what?”

(Part 2: Situation given: Yonghwa as a police, Onew as a robber)
Shin: So who will be the robber this time? Onew?
Ghil: What time did you go into SNSD’s dorm last night?
Onew: 2 o’clock!
Ghil: Because of whom did you go there?
Onew: Uh…
Ghil: Say it!
Onew: Because of Seohyun.
Yonghwa: You..!!

Cr. CaramelApple

5 Responses to “Yonghwa-Onew-Seohyun moment”

  1. go66evil said

    im sorry that i didnt ask you first.but i hope you wont mind that i used your eng trans/vid for make thai subbed.1st i just wantta learn how to sub vids but after done i thought it might be cool if i share this to all YS fans.Thank you so much 🙂

    • Nice work! I like it even though I can’t read a word from the subs. I don’t mind sharing whatever I have on my blog with other fans as long as it’s credited properly so please go ahead and do so. 🙂

  2. go66evil said

    Thank you so much 🙂 i’ll try to do more kekeke thanks again ~ YS fighting ~

  3. hacker8 said

    thanks for the translation. I hope you’ll keep translating and posting video of YongSeo even their time in WGM ended.

  4. Hong said

    Onew called Seohyun “seohyunie”

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